L Glutamine, at the genesis of youth


Also known as the inner fountain of youth, L Glutamine is a protein essential for collagen synthesis. Indeed, its use accelerates and promotes the restructuring of skin cells when they are damaged, thus ensuring its stability and good health. Naturally present in the human body, this amino acid is found in meat, fish, dairy products, or other legumes. L Glutamine is used in sports, but also in aesthetic medicine, to repair tissue and build muscle.


Its role is key in promoting the production of skin tissue, it provides a rejuvenated and more radiant appearance. As the skin is an organ in its own right, its elasticity is also impacted by L Glutamine. It promotes the densification and homogenization of the epidermis, as well as the filling in of wrinkles, for a plumped and firmed appearance.

In order to ensure the stabilization of L Glutamine at high concentration, we grafted it onto a peptide that allowed us to stabilize it naturally and without the addition of preservatives.
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