ALPHASCIENCE partners with SERIDERM for the development of common inno
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ALPHASCIENCE partners with SERIDERM for the development of common innovative medical and aesthetic protocols.

by Webmaster Alphascience 29 Mar 2022 0 Comments

Press release - 28th March 2022

The partnership between ALPHASCIENCE, a French company and the SERIDERM group, present in many countries, takes the form of a participation of SERIDERM Holding in the capital of ALPHASCIENCE.

Resulting from the research work of its scientist, Alfred MARCHAL, an internationally recognized expert in the field of antioxidants and anti-aging, ALPHASCIENCE is an innovative French player in the care of accompanying aesthetic medicine.

ALPHASCIENCE holds several patents and exclusive innovations in the fields of pigmentation treatments, anti-aging and support for medical aesthetic procedures.

Present in more than 20 countries, particularly in the USA and South-East Asia, the products resulting from Alphascience research are manufactured in France with a high level of safety and respect for the environment.

SERIDERM develops unique know-how in supporting aesthetic medicine professionals applied to the optimization of the production of ambulatory care for medical, dermato-aesthetic and medico-aesthetic purposes.

With its 80 employees, SERIDERM combines LUTRONIC excellence with the service of its core expertise focused on the needs of its medical partners, namely patient treatment protocols, development and evolution of therapeutic and aesthetic strategies, improvement of the patient experience.

SERIDERM offers turnkey care protocols, innovative and adapted to the real needs of each practitioner it accompanies. These protocols will be reinforced by the integration of innovative ALPHASCIENCE treatments and in particular its antioxidant complex technology to act in synergy with laser and aesthetic procedures.

Julien REVOL, co-founder and President of ALPHASCIENCE: “This partnership with a recognized and innovative player like SERIDERM is strategic for our development in a rapidly changing sector. Alphascience has a unique technology that acts in synergy with medical lasers and fits perfectly into SERIDERM treatment protocols. This synergy allows us to strengthen our presence in aesthetic clinics, particularly in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East, and to better support the patient in his search for results”.

Djamel KEMICHE, founder and President of SERIDERM: « Alphascience has unique know-how and a strong ability to innovate in the field of medical cosmetics. This merger will allow us to develop a unique care offer in synergy with our LUTRONIC lasers, which are also the most innovative in the sector. This "brand" care offer will be in the form of powerful and easy-to-use aesthetic protocols for our practitioner partners ».



Founded in 2010 by Djamel KEMICHE, the SERIDERM Group has experienced the strongest growth in the aesthetics market in the last 5 years. Exclusive partner of LUTRONIC, SERIDERM aims to become an essential partner of aesthetic medicine.
Present in 8 countries with subsidiaries in France, United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia, the group aims to revolutionize the aesthetic care of the patient. 



ALPHASCIENCE is an innovative company co-founded in 2016 by Alfred MARCHAL, a world-renowned scientist in aesthetic medicine, and Julien REVOL, 20 years of experience in anti-aging cosmetics. It develops its own active ingredients and innovative formulas in its fundamental research laboratory with 100% French manufacturing. Present mainly internationally, its first markets are currently North America and South-East Asia with the ambition of becoming a leading player in anti-aging treatment.


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