Alphascience France
Twice a day for 2 months


- Minimizes the appearance of redness
-Improves the elasticity
- Visibly diminishes the signs of aging, fine lines and wrinkles
- Diminishes the appearance of photodamage
- Helps brighten skin



TANNIC [CF] SERUM will help reduce oxidative stress that can be induced by the procedure and improve the results of cosmetic procedures.

*It depends on the condition of the skin after the procedure. If the skin is totally soothed, go directly to the next line


Apply 3-4 drops once in the morning using a gentle massage with the fingertips to face,
neck, décolleté and back of the hands before applying your normal moisturizer.

Frequently Asked Questions

TANNIC [CF] SERUM is formulates without preservative and can be used on sensitive skin and dry skin.

TANNIC [CF] SERUM will be your first step of your ideal routine. After cleansing the skin, apply TANNIC [CF] SERUM. Then, moisturize your skin with HA BOOSTER SERUM. Finally, gently apply on of our anti-aging creams on your skin.

Yes, TANNIC [CF] serum helps reduce oxidative stress induced by procedures and diminish the appearance of redness. Use it from day 4/6 after the procedure to the next procedure. Using this serum with cosmetic procedures will improve their results.

In addition to Vitamin C, TANNIC [CF] SERUM contains Tannic Acid that is perfect for advanced signs of skin aging. It minimizes the appearance of redness and visibly diminishes aging signs.

We haven't had any feedback that the product creates blackheads, but for oily, acne-prone skin, we recommend PHYTIC [TC] SERUM because the phytic acid regulates sebum.


"I tested all vitamin C serums on my faces, they were all unstable, getting brown on the skin. With Tannic [CF] serum, I discovered for the first time a truly stable vitamin C serum that is perfect for my skin and my patients" Dr Marie Socouer Oblepias, KOL Dermatologist, Philippines
"This serum contains L-ascorbic acid and tannic acid, both of which help to strengthen blood vessels and reduce their fragility,” [Dr. DeRosa] adds.
Joshua Ross, celebrity aesthetician of the medspa SkinLab in California [...] recommends Alphascience’s Tannic [CF] Serum.
"It has an elegant formulation so I do not have to worry about irritation or noncompliance. Patients stay on it and we get terrific results.” Rancho Mirage, CA dermatologist Wendy Roberts, MD
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