We want to be totally honest with you, we are not a 100% sustainable at the moment.
However, we are working to get better every day by setting a roadmap and goals for the next few years.
Sustainability is very important to us.

Recyclable Materials

The use of glass and 100% recyclable materials allows us to maintain a clean product life cycle.

Glass is an infinitely recyclable material: thus, it allows us to ensure an unlimited renewal of the life cycle of our packaging, to ensure an industrial process that anticipates nature.

the environment as a priority

Our production site is ISO-22716 certified and meets French manufacturing standards for the protection and preservation of the environment.

Our plant located in France has also implemented a policy of waste and energy consumption reduction: waste sorting and recovery, optimization of transport and travel, requalification of raw materials.

In addition, our short-circuit production enables us to ensure a less polluting production cycle by avoiding unnecessary transport. This encourages local industry by supporting our regional partners to combat the negative impacts of industrial relocation.

Did you know that to produce 1 liter of essential oil of Damask rose, we need 4,000 kg of petals, that is to say a whole field? This is why we do not use essential oils. Some of them can be harmful to the environment but they also have contraindications on health. Whenever possible, we use molecules issued from biotechnology to be more environmental friendly and to better respect the skin.

Digitalized Workspace

Alphascience has decided to install a marketing approach 100% digitalized and 100% teleworking. Through our digital communication channels, we carry out all our projects in a dematerialized way. We no longer print our invoices, emails, brochures and pay special attention to each of these small daily gestures that are beneficial to us.

With a 100% remote working approach, we contribute on our own scale to reduce the pollution linked to transportation.



Our goal is carbon neutrality by 2028. Energy audits will be organized each year to quantify the results and impact of each of our actions.

To monitor this progress closely, we recently appointed a CSR manager to establish our objectives, propose strategies and define our social and environmental commitments. Raising the awareness of each of our employees and managers on responsible management will be his first mission as we want every employee to participate in the implementation of our sustainable strategy.

Include up-cycling ingredients in our formulas

Since 2023, we have tried to include as many ingredients as possible that come from waste and scrap from other manufacturing.


We are conscious that, at its own scale, the production of finished products has a role to play in the protection of the environment.
That's why we work day by day to reduce our environmental impact through our formulas, our packaging, our supply chain... We want to do our bit
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