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As a cutting-edge industry, we believe that technical progress is inseparable from social and environmental progress.

Beyond a French approach to cosmetic excellence, Alphascience also brings an innovative vision on social and environmental issues.

Human beings at the heart of our innovation

An international team centered around sharing, passion and excellence. Our objective, to develop a mixed and multicultural approach to the world of cutting-edge cosmetics.

Diversity allows us to broaden our perspective on concrete business issues and to address the improvement of our productivity, while reconciling well-being in the workplace. At Alphascience, we wish to enhance the entrepreneurial spirit through teamwork between experienced seniors and "digital natives".

Our goal is to create an intergenerational team, engage in knowledge sharing, while developing the richness of our human capital, particularly through learning.


Alphascience is committed to an inclusive approach by ensuring its entire supply chain by people with disabilities, housed at the ESAT de la Couronnerie in Orleans.

The integration of people with disabilities currently represents 10% of the value of our product with a target of 20%, and will soon involve them in our manufacturing process.

french industrial ecosystem

Alphascience is also a commitment to support the French industry, to become the vector of social ties and economic dynamism, in order to create new jobs and to support a French cosmetic tradition that brings together many trades.

Virtuous products

From the selection of our ingredients to production, our desire is to have the same search for cosmetic excellence, both socially and environmentally.

Thanks to our innovative formulas based on active ingredients of natural origin, we have succeeded in developing stabilized, preservative-free and fragrance-free serum formulas.

We achieve this result thanks to our natural anti-oxidant complex, which combines nature with optimal efficiency. Our products are not tested on animals.

Science for the future

Our research team led by Alfred Marchal, a pioneer in vitamin C stabilization, is working on the development of new formulas rich in natural active ingredients that optimize nature's renewable resources while producing optimal efficiency.

Recyclable Materials

The use of glass and 100% recyclable materials allows us to maintain a clean and environmentally friendly product life cycle.

Glass is an infinitely recyclable material: thus, it allows us to ensure an unlimited renewal of the life cycle of our packaging, to ensure an industrial process that anticipates nature.

Innovative processes

Our production site is ISO-22716 certified and meets French manufacturing standards for the protection and preservation of the environment.

Our plant located in France has also implemented a policy of waste and energy consumption reduction: waste sorting and recovery, optimization of transport and travel, requalification of raw materials.

In addition, our short-circuit production enables us to ensure a less polluting production cycle by avoiding unnecessary transport. This encourages local industry by supporting our regional partners to combat the negative impacts of industrial relocation.

Digitalized Workspace

Alphascience has decided to install a marketing approach 100% digitalized and 100% teleworking. Through our digital communication channels, we carry out all our projects in a dematerialized way. We no longer print our invoices, emails, brochures and pay special attention to each of these small daily gestures that are beneficial to us.

carbon neutrality 2028

Our goal is carbon neutrality by 2028. Energy audits will be organized each year to quantify the results and impact of each of our actions.

To monitor this progress closely, we recently appointed a CSR manager to establish our objectives, propose strategies and define our social and environmental commitments. Raising the awareness of each of our employees and managers on responsible management will be his first mission as we want every employee to participate in the implementation of our sustainable strategy.
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