• Summer tips

    Summer tips

    Summer is finally here, the favourite season of the year for many people. Sun, beach, relaxation... It is the best time of the year to disconnect from routine and that is why we tend to forget about the impact it leaves on our skin: dehydration, sunburn, acne and, above all, the hated sun spots. With the change of weather, we notice a change in...
  • Effectively attenuate extrinsic skin aging

    Effectively attenuate extrinsic skin aging

    From the time we are born, aging occurs in all the organs of our body and there is no exception for our skin, which is the largest organ and shows the first and the most visible signs of aging.  Cutaneous ageing is induced by external and intrinsic factors.  Intrinsic aging is inevitable and results in a gradual dermal atrophy, leaving a dry thin skin and...


    On a tendance à penser que la peau vieillie avec le passage du temps. Mais savez vous que certains facteurs sont plus importants pour le vieillissement cutané que la simple chronologie ou la génétique ? Le génome n’est responsable que du 25% des maladies ou processus de vieillissement. Cela explique pourquoi deux jumelles, qui sont génétiquement identiques, peuvent vieillir de manière radicalement différente si...
  • Pollution and skin  | L'impact de la pollution sur notre peau

    Pollution and skin

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    ORIGINS AND POTENTIAL TREATMENTS Atmospheric pollution: a danger for the health of your skin. The synergistic action of environmental pro-oxidants amplifies skin aging. The skin is the mean interface between our body and the external environment. It acts as a biological barrier against a range of chemicals and physical environmental pollutants. It is defined as the first defense against the environment because of its...
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